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Best Wedding islands for a private wedding If you are interested in having a private wedding on an island, there is no doubt that you are in for an amazing experience that you and your loved ones will remember for the rest of your lives.However, in making this exciting decision, the question remains as to Dresses for Weddings 2014 which island you will select in order to celebrate your special day memorably.Given the number of great resorts on the market today, rest assured that there are plenty of beautiful islands you can use to have your own private wedding.This list is merely scratching the surface of the abundance of beautiful islands you could use to enjoy your wedding. 1.Fiji matangi island The fiji islands is part of the oceanic group of islands, which are volcanic by origin and have large tropical coral reef systems.Known for their beauty and high quality water, fiji is a picturesque destination in the south pacific that will make you smile.If you are a fan of the scenery Prom Dresses Australia that you have seen on television programs such as survivor, then fiji is a great destination for you. 2.The maldives World renowned for years as a wedding and honeymoon Australia destination, the maldives have recently emerged from social turmoil making it a more enjoyable destination to visit.In addition, due to global warming, sea levels are rising causing the potential for the maldives to eventually flood.As a result, there may be less time than ever to visit a beautiful and unique island. 3.Any caribbean island This region of the world is known for its sandy, soft beaches and legendary hospitality.Choose from any of the major islands and there is no doubt that your wedding will be a success for you and your private party.Jamaica, st.Lucia, st barts, aruba and the bahamas are all known to have beautiful wedding hospitality, excellent food and great service to boot. It is fairly clear that there are lots of great islands around the world that people can go to in order to celebrate a private wedding.Although this list is not an exhaustive one by any stretch of the imagination, it provides some context and insight as to what some of the top destinations are for people who are interested in having a unique wedding experience such as this one.So wait no further and start planning your private wedding on an island today!

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