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Government puts leaseholders on a leash Government puts leaseholders on a leash The occupants of great deals on Pandora Charms government leasehold flats can now buy the house or property by paying 20% of the total cost of the occupied property.But yet, they don't get complete ownership. The ownership of all leasehold property will permanently remain with the federal government. Revised policy will help big brother generate revenue.Also, are going to be a clarity over rent and buying amount calculating formula, discussed swadhin kshatriya, multiple chief secretary of state, earnings and forest. He added that no sale of these properties will happen without prior permission of the us govenment. Buyers could possibly get occupancy right.During every dealing, the individual has to pay 12.5% of the total cost of the property as a transfer fee to the us government, Documented Pandora Kshatriya. You might 1, 262 leasehold properties in the city and since are in south mumbai cuffe parade, nariman matter, churchgate 1costume and under the sea drive. The lease of almost 517 establishments has expired. Ashok kanwar, president of cuffe parade residents organization, said they were contrary to the new leasehold policy.The us govenment is charging for stamp duty and registration, it should give full ownership right to the individual.We will write to the us government, getting it to roll back the arbitrary policy and make the pro occupant policy, he explained. The residents association has called a meeting of the chairmen and secretaries of the federal government leasehold properties on march 3.The event, we will record our questions and further course of decision will be taken, kanwar explained to dna. The us govenment has started sending notices to lease property holders, asking them whether want to continue living in rent or want to get the occupancy right.Upcoming two months, the notices will be sent and the entire procedure will be carried out two years, agreed kshatriya. Vinod shekhar, former the legislature corporator from colaba, said residents have got a raw deal.Occupants views should be enclosed in the more information policy, he was quoted saying.

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